Closed-circuit television provides great security for your home or workplace we have wide range of CCTV surveillance products which help in securing your valuables and your loved ones at home or your place of business. We provide professional CCTV camera installation in Cape Town areas for  residential,commercial,industrial places. CCTV allows you to have a peace of mind checking your property on your smartphone while you are away. CCTV PRO welcomes you on its website where you will find everything relating to surveillance cameras and related information. Whether you are seeking a home or business installation service or an adequate product that suit your needs, this website is a one-stop for all. We are the market leader in the industry and have a friendly customer service team and a user friendly interface to help you navigate through our website. Please take the time to see what’s on offer.


A Closed-Circuit Television Video (CCTV) surveillance camera with Analog High Definition (AHD) standard makes High Definition (HD) video transmissions through coax cable going from a security camera to a DVR. AHD video resolution can be either 720p or 1080p. For more information regarding various types of AHD surveillance cameras


A surveillance CCTV using internet protocol, also known as an Internet Protocol Camera or IP CCTV, differs from an analog CCTV in that it is able to transmit and receive information through the internet or a computer network.


Cameras with the capability of performing directional movements, turning 360 degrees, tilting in various angles and zooming are known as pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. These cameras are also often seen in television broadcasting studios used together with other professional video cameras for what is known as camera robotics.


An AHD DVR is a digital recorder that can be linked to an analog camera and allows data storage on a hard drive. The difference between a DVR and an NVR Network Video Recorder is actually a software program used for wireless transmission of data for storage in a disk drive, SD card, flash drive and other devices. Analog High Definition (AHD) video resolution can be either 720p or 1080p


For the best CCTV installation solution, a DVR kit will include the Digital Video Recorder, one or more cameras, connecting and power cable along with other accessories that can be included in the kit or purchased separately to increase your viewing experience.


A DVR CCTV kit can be obtained with various accessories depending on the type of DVR that you purchase, it can be possible to increase the number of cameras.


Some DVR allow for up to eight or more cameras to be linked to the DVR. There is also the possibility to obtain cameras with higher viewing capability and in various angles than the one included in the kit.


Some cameras have built in microphones, but in certain case you may need to purchase a microphone separately if you desire to include sound for your CCTV.

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